Thesis Gamma two channel power amplifier


Premium RC-coupled Stereo Power Amplifier

Transcap – output capacitor technology for unique musical abilities
Massive power delivery up to 2 x 110 Watts

The Thesis γ (gamma) stereo power amplifier is arguably the most athletic member of the family. With great effort, Heed have succeeded to squeeze two Thesis-class Transcap module into one rather tiny, but chunky metal chassis. Its wall-to-wall transistor array supplies tremendous energy for two channels of music, without the slightest feeling of necessity. Perfect for those systems that perhaps can't adequately warrant the push of dual or quad monobloc amplifiers, the Thesis γ (gamma) stereo power amplifier is the perfect proposition for those needing less real estate, but requiring the same poise and purpose of the rest of the range.

For being a Transcap-technology stereo power amplifier, the Thesis γ has an extremely good overall transient response. The percussion instruments sound vividly and life-like, providing the essential base of music. While all other instruments and vocals are in their place, together they create a concert-like atmosphere, where you can feel the wink of the musicians when they make an upbeat of a new measure.

The Thesis γ (gamma) stereo power amplifier is driven by the same power, precision and fidelity of the Thesis RC-coupled design, and despite it's more demure stature - will charm, inspire and enthuse any listener.

Heed Audio Thesis Gamma: Stereo Power Amplifier - Features & Benefits:

Transcap – output capacitor technology for unique musical abilities
Massive power delivery up to 2 x 110 Watts
Excellent impedance handling down to 1.6 Ohms
Oversized components and solid design for reliability
High quality casing and fascia

Technical Data

Inputs: 1 x line input

Outputs: Stereo 4mm speaker

Power (max): 110 W / channel

Load impedance (min): 1.6 Ω

Max. consumption: 350 W

Dimensions (WxHxD): 22 x 8.5 x 32.5 cm

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