Obelisk Si-L III line level integrated amplifier


Legendary RC-coupled Integrated Stereo Amplifier

There was a neat shoebox amplifier in the 1980s which stirred emotions in unsuspecting 'Hi-Fi Freaks' and music lovers alike. Sadly, the unabashedly different design of the original Ion Obelisk had become entirely forgotten. Well, almost entirely.

After two decades of silence, Heed resurrected this legendary integrated, updating its exterior aesthetics and internal components. More importantly, however, Heed challenged themselves with the demanding task of preserving the classic Obelisk’s absorbing delivery and infectious musicality, while offering even greater transparency, leading-edge detail and more gripping dynamics. Mission accomplished – the Heed Obelisk Si has become a must-hear sensation straight out of the gate.

The Obelisk Si MKIII builds upon the award winning MKII (Best stereo amp £1000-£1500, What Hi-Fi? Awards 2012). It refines and hones the endearing drive and qualities of this highly regarded integrated amplifier. During the years of evolution, the Obelisk Si showed us the nature of RC-coupled amplifiers. By the designing of the current version of this amp, the experts at Heed have found the solution that describes the magic it creates. Transcap technology is now the main path, which they pioneer and intend to follow, unaccompanied in the world.

The Obelisk Si MKIII is rated at a great healthy 50 watts per channel. Don’t be fooled by the kilowatt amps, this fifty is like a valve-amp fifty. And more, as a Transcap amplifier is rather different in this aspect. With this kind of power the Si is capable of astonishing dynamic authority and massive transients any time. Further on, there are the X2 or X4 power supplies, which converts the Si-system into a preamp/power amp combo with dual mono power amplifiers. Now that’s something classy!

Heed Audio Obelisk Si MKIII: Integrated Stereo Amplifier - Features & Benefits:

5 Analogue inputs
Upgradeable analogue power supply (Obelisk X2)
Optional MM phono or DAC card
Heed 'Transcap' technology

Technical Data

Inputs: 5x analogue / 1x S/PDIF digital

Outputs: 1x stereo speaker / 1x Tape out

Frequency response: 5Hz – 60kHz

Input impedance: 10 kΩ

Input sensitivity: 500 mV

Power (8Ω): 50 W / channel

SNR: 96 dB

Supported upgrade cards: MM phono (Vinyl-1.0) / DAC (Dactil-2.3)

Power supply options: internal / external Obelisk X2

Max. consumption: 200 W

Weight: 6kg

Dimensions (WxHxD): 22 x 8.5 x 36 cm

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