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Ultra Compact Subwoofer with Ultra Powerful Class D Amplfication

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The Earthquake Sound MiniMe P63 Subwoofer is a sub-atomic sized, ultra-powerful subwoofer that's elegantly crafted in high gloss piano finish with beautiful, grill less flush-mounted drivers on 3 sides.

The MiniMe P63 is designed for people who love music and movies at full throttle without bulky  equipment in the living space. At less than 9” on all sides, the P63 is easy to place on a  low shelf, beneath a table, behind furniture  or in a corner.

The incredible performance of the MiniMe P63 is achieved through the symbiotic relationship of the TCT enabled  6.5” premium XLT active driver, and two 6.5” passive radiators coupled with the massive power of a 500 watt Earthquake enhanced Class D amplifier. The implementation of dual passive radiators drastically increases the capability and efficiency of the system resulting in ultra-low frequency reproduction at louder sound levels than previously achieved by any manufacturer at this size.

The MiniMe P63 series benefits from several specific and dynamic Earthquake technological advancements:

PMT:(Piston-Max Technology):

A patented Earthquake technology that enhance acoustical output while keeping a minimal footprint. Piston-Max moves the speaker surround to the outer edge of the cone body, resulting in 20 percent increase of surface area. This translates into more sound and higher efficiency.

XLT (eXtra Long Throw):

A woofer geometry originally developed by Earthquake for heavy duty industrial subwoofers to expand excursion potential over regular long-throw woofers. XLT and PMT work in great synergy as each technology expands on one of the two parameters for sound generation - Bore and Stroke. The level of sound possible is determined largely by  Bore times Stroke. Ask any car buff and they will say there is no replacement for displacement.

Passive Radiators:

Passive radiators increases sub-harmonic frequency response and dynamic output capability. They overcome the limitations known from conventional closed and ported designs that prevent radical excursion and deep response. The powerful XLT active woofer is pneumatically coupled to the passive devices - enabling battlefield level effects to be reproduced effortlessly.

Technical Data

Earthquake Evolved Class D amplifier
6.5" Earthquake Xtra long-throw woofer
Dual 6.5-inch passive radiators
500 watts pink noise power
Frequency Response: 30- 180 Hz
Standard room-correction
0-180 degree phase adjustment
40-180 Hz frequency adjustment
Volume Control
RCA inputs.
Auto on / off - Auto signal sensing circuitry
Built in 5.2V USB power port - can be used with Earthquake SWAT 2.4 or other wireless signal transmitters
Rubber stabilizing feet
High gloss piano lacquer
Dimensions - HxWxD: 218mm x 210mm x 220mm
Weight: 4.9kg

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