CP8 Couch Potato


Special Application (Couch Potato) Slim-line Subwoofer

300 watts 8" subwoofer

Space is sometimes at a premium. Especially when it comes to that 'elephant' in the room the subwoofer. But what do you do when certain stealthy custom installation options are off the menu due to cost or even the ability to retrofit them into your home cinema project?

Well, umm..you call on the CP8 'Couch Potato' to help you!

The CP-8 is a self-powered subwoofer that delivers massive fast bass into your seating position. By placing the subwoofer close to you, the bass is faster, more powerful, and carries massive sub harmonic vibrations with it.

With an integral high-power 300 Watt MAX amplifier, the CP-8 subwoofer provides an RCA input and a high level input with a crossed high level output. CP-8's high output level is designed to match typical satellite speaker systems to enhance the overall sound quality and performance of your system.

The powerful CP-8 delivers it's 300 watts via a down firing 8" subwoofer. This large 8" driver  features a 2" high temperature voice coil and has a durable pressed paper cone. A long Excursion santoprene surround is paired with a 48oz (1.36 kg) high density magnet fo increased efficiency  and better dynamics.

A large bass port on the front of the subwoofer ensures high output of the lowest frequencies and gives the strong woofer optimal working conditions, resulting in strong and accurate bass. The bass port allows you to get bass out from under a couch or bed without loss of precision and energy.

CP8 02With a height of only 17.8 cm it can be stored under most sofas and beds. It can also be placed on the side if there is space between the back of the couch and the wall. The slim enclosure design allows you to place the CP-8 under the sofa, behind it or under the bed.  Now you can have massive bass while using unused space.

Technical Data

Power Output: 300 Watts (150 Watts Continous)
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 180Hz
Crossover Frequency: 40Hz - 130Hz
Crossover Slope: 12dB per Octave
THD: 0.001% @ 50 Hz.
Input Impedance: 47,000 ohms
Input Sensitivity: 50mV to 2.3V
High level (speaker) audio inputs
Low level (RCA) RCA audio inputs
0 - 180 ° phase shift switch
300 watts 8" subwoofer
2" high temperature voice coil
Durable pressed paper cone
Long Excursion santoprene surround
48oz high density magnet
89dB 1W/1M
FS: 38Hz
Qts: 0.516
Dimensions: 193mm x 305mm x 601mm (WxHxD with feet)
Weight: 11.15 Kgs
Black finish

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