Eole 3 5.1 home cinema speaker system

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Complete Eole 3 5.1 Home Cinema Package 

With Santorin subwoofer

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"Overall, this is a well-built, flexible speaker setup, with excellent tonality and fire in its belly – easily worth the £1,000 ticket." Home Cinema Choice

Cabasse's award winning Eole 3 is a complete 5.1 system that exudes sonic quality and design flair.

This new kit - the Eole 3 WS 5.1 pack - includes 5 x Eole 3 satellites (with magnetic wall mountable bases) and the Santorin 21M2 subwoofer and cable accessories. The Eole 3 stands if required are available separately.

With a new design for improved aesthetic and acoustical integration, Cabasse's Eole 3 system features all the acoustical qualities of any Cabasse system: efficiency, power handling, transparency and stability of the sound stage. Consisting of five new spherical satellites only 13 cm in diameter that swivel in every direction thanks to a magnetic base and a very compact sub-woofer, Eole 3 took advantage of many aspects of the research investments made in developing La Sphère, the Cabasse 4-way coaxial reference speaker.

The system comes complete with wall or surface mounted front stage left, centre and right satellites - along with a set of Eole 3s for the surrounds too . These wonderful 2 way speakers give you all the definition you need for the mid to high frequencies in your HD audio experience, and they are beautifully built for the job - solid, elegant and finished in premium gloss white or black.

The lower end is handled by the Santorin 21M2 200 watt sub-woofer, which is paired dynamically to the Eole 3s to perfectly balance their higher end grace with natural low end weight and poise. The downward firing subwoofer lends pace and depth to the exceptionally detailed and absorbing Eole 3s and is the perfect counter-balance when set up correctly (easily done thanks to the Eole 3 crossover setting marked on the rear of the subwoofer) to give you a three dimensional and utterly engaging sound-stage.

For the money - the Eole 3 5.1 system is one of the best out there. Opera, jazz festival, rock concert, or movies – be blown away by Eole 3.

The Eole 3 5.1 system comes with 5 x Eole 3 satellites (with magnetic bases), a santorin 21 sub-woofer and a set of cables.

Technical Data

Cabasse Eole 3 - Two Way Bookshelf/On-Wall Satellite Speaker

Use: Bookshelf / on wall / on stand
Way: 2 (co-axial)
Drivers: Tweeter: 29 mm soft dome, Midrange-woofer: 10 cm P2C
Cross-over frequency: 4000 Hz
Bandwidth: 150 - 22,000 Hz
Efficiency 1 W / 1 m:  90 dB
Nominal impedance:  8 ohms
Minimum impedance:  4 ohms
Power handling:  70 W
Peak power handling: 490 W
Magnetic shielding:  Yes
Dimensions (h x w x d):  Ø 130 mm / Ø 5.1 in
Weight: 1.3 kg - 2.85 lbs
Finish: Glossy Black & Glossy White

Cabasse Santorin 21M2 - Floor-standing Active Sub Woofer

Use: Subwoofer
Way: 1
Drivers: 21 cm woofer - cellulose membrane
Cross-over frequency: Adjustable 20-200 Hz
Bandwith: 29 - 150 Hz
Efficiency 1W/1M: Active
Nominal impedance: Active
Minimum impedance: Active
Power handling: 200 W
Peak power handling: 400 W
Magnetic sheilding: No
Dimensions (h x w x d): 33 x 33 x 35 cm (13 x 13 x 13.8 in)
Weight: 9.3  kg - 20.4 lbs
Finish: Glossy black, glossy white

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