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Founded in 1981, Parasound Products Inc. is a privately owned company based in San Francisco, USA, that specialises in making award winning high quality audio and home theatre components for critical listeners.

Parasound products are used in many of the worlds foremost movie and recording studios and out-perform much more expensive rivals. That's why movie studios, artists and Oscar®-winning sound engineers, including Lucasfilm™; Pixar™; Sony Pictures™; Universal Pictures™; Warner Brothers™; Oliver Stone; Kanye West and Gary Rydstrom rely on Parasound.

Lucasfilm has only ever honoured one audio company - Parasound - which has screen credits in Star Wars Episode I, Episode II and Episode III. Lucasfilm used Parasound amplifiers and surround controllers to revolutionise on-location sound.


The company’s products are well regarded throughout the hi-fi and high-end home cinema sectors, receiving many glowing reviews and are much sought after by music and movie lovers across the world. A longstanding collaboration with the respected circuit designer John Curl has produced some legendary products such as the JC2BP preamplifier and JC1 mono power amplifier, both of which find favour with high-end hi-fi enthusiasts and professional recording studios. The THX certification of many of the company’s products, including the JC1, the A21, A31 and A51 two, three and five channel power amplifiers, makes them particularly suitable for critical multi-channel applications.

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